Youth Skills

Do you feel life is getting you down and find it difficult understanding, communicating or relating to others at home? Do you know anyone who is engaging in disruptive, risk taking, or aggressive behaviors as a way of coping. Has anyone you know suffered a recent loss or trauma and is finding it really difficult to cope at the moment? These youth work skills will provide you with effective approaches to deal with childhood traumas offering interventions for managing young peopleís challenging behavior more effectively. Youth skills workshops will help you examine issues that might be causing the difficulties supporting you to consider necessary conditions for growth and change leading to productive relationships. You will explore cognitive behavioral and solution focused techniques to support young people deal with specific emotional and behavioral needs.

Learn how to dissolve stress and understand trauma by learning strategies to improve your relationships and understand yours and others behaviors. Emotional coaching can help you develop the skills you need

Emotional coaching Skills

What is Emotional Coaching?

It help individuals to develop awareness of personal emotions developing an understanding of why we behave the way we do in certain situations.

It involves learning emotional intelligence skills that can help build stronger attachments, manage difficult feelings and communicate effectively with others.

What is emotional intelligence? It is described as an ability to understand and manage your thoughts, feelings and behaviors helping you to resolve inner conflicts leading to happier, healthier lives.

It teaches parents child management skills developing knowledge of a childís development stressors.

Participants will develop creative skills in emotional intelligence By engaging in Individual or group sessions within their homes. The five competencies addressed are:-

  • Understanding and developing communication skills
  • Listening and empathy
  • Boundaries, self esteem and confidence
  • Behavior management and problem solving
  • Conflict resolution

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