Work in Schools

A trained therapist provides emotional intelligence and behavioral management workshops to groups of children in schools. The aim of the groups is to empower young children to develop crucial skills in life management and conflict resolution.

Targeted groups are children with emotional and behavioral difficulties.

Cognitive, behavioral and psycho-educational strategies will be undertaken helping young people to gain more control of their behaviors and help children develop skills in interpersonal relationships.

Emotional Release Counselling

Emotional Release Counseling (ERC) is based on the premise that to feel emotion and tension and to let them be expressed keeps us emotionally healthy. It enables a child to connect to sensation developing awareness of body tensions and stressors.

Emotional release counseling supports individuals to feel emotional energy and to encourage the expression of the feelings and emotion leading to a healthier mental well being. The individuals are guided to finding the right time place, and method for releasing destructive energies leading onto emotional growth.

Some of the Basic Tools used in emotional release work are:- Breath, sounding, symbols, mandalas, meditation, music, drama, dance, creative writing, storytelling, body focus work, relaxation and sandplay This release therapy helps young people to understand hurts, traumas, disappointments, and the negative beliefs that result from these experiences. Anger is a reaction to being hurt emotional release will help you to connect to the triggers, feelings, and reactions of build up anger, blame you hold against others helping you to access difficult emotions and connecting you to more positive resources for emotional healing.

Individual play Therapy sessions will also be considered during the initial stages of assessment for children experiencing problems in the classroom.

Workshops and themed groupwork provides an opportunity for parents to work alongside their children. Groups currently undertaken are:-

  • Create to relate parent training: focusing on issues around parenting, communication skills, behavior management
  • Therapeutic groups for children witnessing/experiencing abuse or domestic violence
  • Behavioral management groups for children with emotional or behavioral difficulties for example ( anger management, story-making in bereavement and abuse, coping with loss and separation

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