Jan's Approach

Integrative Creative Counsellor, Child Therapist and Trainer specialising in communications, behavioral skills management.

Jan Haghverdi holds a BSc in Therapeutic Counselling
Certificate in personal performance coaching
Certificate in counselling skills with children using the arts
Advanced Cert in stress and anxiety Management
Is currently studying an MA in Play Therapy
Is a qualified Regression therapist
Holds a Teacher Trainer qualification
Short courses undertaken have been Gestalt psychotherapy
Certificate in Filial Therapy
Diploma in CBT
Bio-Dynamic Psychotherapy, Transactional Analysis, Cognitive behavioural Therapy and motivational Interviewing, Solution Focused Therapy and many more.

Janís Approach

Jan Haghverdi

I use an integrative, humanistic dynamic model of therapy using a comprehensive range of expressive techniques drawing on art and play modalities that best fit with the needs of each client. A choice of creative arts media is offered as well as talking therapy, providing the client with a negotiated and flexible way of working.

I support client's to address needs by encouraging them to spontaneously experiment with a wide variety of materials providing by the use of a Creative Therapy Tool Kit.

I act as a guide observing the client whilst they interact with their chosen medium. The emphasis is not on the beauty, style or artistic skill of the creation but on the therapeutic process and the relief given through connecting Creatively. The finished creation can be used as a focus for Verbal exploration, development and insight by the use of Neutral questions, and what the client associates with their artwork, considering mood, affect, materials used, and the Symbolic representation attached to it. I specialize in enhanced communications and behavioral management occasionally offer focused activities for emerging themes such as anger or stress as a form of accessing, connecting and managing it more effectively, remaining sensitive to the client's wishes.

My belief is that creativity and therapy are intertwined enabling clientís to access an unspoken and new language providing an alternative path for self discovery, healing, and growth.

Jan is a registered member of The BACP, PTUK, and AUCC and abides by there code of ethics. She is presently working as a counseling Coordinator in a Further Education College and working as a school project manager. She has developed various creative Arts and behavioral management skills Courses for Bradford University, NHS, Social Services and many Health Care professionals, and Community groups, and is currently working as a preferred training provider for Social services Child and family teams.

she has been in practice for twelve years. Her experience includes providing individual and group therapy to children with Emotional and behavioural difficulties in schools and a family service unit, and a Drug and Alcohol agency. Domestic violence project Coordinator, Counselling adults on an employee assistant scheme, School Counselor, and Child Therapist providing play therapy to sexually abused children.

Jan offers:

  • individual counselling sessions
  • play/child therapy sessions
  • creative therapy sessions
  • relationship skills sessions and groupwork

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