Family based intervention groupwork:

We aim to help families overcome and manage major difficulties alleviating acute distress or conflict in relationships by offering a provision of psycho-educational, creative art, and emotional coaching, based interventions. Skills in emotional intelligence will reduce behavioural challenges and family stressors.

  • We offer intensive short term help on parenting and relationship difficulties within the family home and through a groupwork programme based at school or community venues.

An initial home visit pre-assessment session plan is undertaken to assess adversity, trauma and relationship breakdown. The help we offer will depend on the kind of difficulties you are facing within your family and can range from:-

  • Individual therapeutic work with a child or adult
  • Psycho-educational groupwork, developing creative skills around communications, conflict resolution, stress and anger management and emotional coaching. Individuals/ workers and parents, develop knowledge around the impact of trauma, behaviors associated with trauma learning techniques to help families cope.
  • Parent and child play therapy sessions
  • Adult social and emotional learning skills groups developing understanding of child/adolescent psychological, cognitive and behavioral challenges examining parenting styles.

The Family Create to Relate groupwork programme aims to promote:- emotional well being in adults and children strengthening family relationships focusing on global coping and management of behaviors within families.

Parents will examine emotions that drive their own and their childrenís behaviors learning skills for creating positive relationships.

We provide essential skills and knowledge for understanding parent and child relationships and how they can be improved, giving practical ideas for managing difficult behavior and improving relationships generally.

The courses are held over a 12 week period in a variety of settings:- adult community centres, homes, or in schools The key areas of social and emotional learning will be

  • Expressing and managing emotions
  • Managing family/childhood stressors by examining relationship styles, communications and conflicts.
  • Raise self esteem and confidence
  • Developing empathy and social skills
  • Exploring individual internal conflicts by examining unresolved issues
  • Develop skills necessary for emotional connectedness

Create to relate training for health care professionals

This three day training is designed for social workers, foster carers, school and childcare staff, sure start teams wishing to acquire skills in emotional literacy, strategies for encouraging co-operative behavior and understanding triggers to emotional trauma.

Aims of the programme: to help trainees to support individuals and family members to develop relationships and effective communications skills by engaging in creative methods of practice.

The outcomes of the programme:

  • Learn skills in applying rational emotive behavioral techniques to emotionally troubled youngsters
  • To develop knowledge around the five domains of emotional intelligence
  • Explore communications in relationships learning skills in how to be a supportive communicator
  • Learn creative skills In how to manage and resolve interpersonal conflict.
  • Understand the four functions of communication exploring control, motivation, emotional expression, and procrastination.

Create to Relate: Moortown, Leeds.
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