Behavioural Management

Health Professionals will develop skills and specialist interventions tailored to meet the needs of specific client groups by engaging in experiential themed, groupwork practice.

Themed training includes:-

Children witnessing Domestic Violence, Therapeutic storymaking in bereavement and abuse, Anger management for children under 10 years of age, Drama workshops for offending behavior, Conflict resolution skills with teens, Stress and Anxiety management, and Enhanced Communications skills for families

Drama workshops for offending behaviour:

These workshops would suit the needs of probationers, socially excluded youngsters and prisoners, being appropriate for use with groups with behavioural problems.

Aims: focuses on triggers, conflict situations and relationships, exploring conflict related vocabulary, developing self awareness and coping strategies.

Outcomes: examine consequences of actions, victims views of anger, effects on relationships and strategies for avoiding conflict in the future

Managing Childrenís Anger

Aims: this course will benefit individuals working with children with problematic behaviour encouraging workers to develop strategies in order to understand, manage, and help children identify causes and triggers of anger, learning strategies to effectively manage it.

Outcomes: participants will gain an understanding of conflict related vocabulary versus peaceful vocabulary, learning creative methods in supporting children to release strong emotions using mediums of clay, and stories enabling participants to help children deal constructively with conflict.

Conflict Resolution Skills for teens

Aims: participants will learn creative ways of helping young people explore conflict, manage moods, how to deal with criticism, exploring alternatives to conflict.

Outcomes: participants will identify issues and types of conflict and conflict related vocabulary, developing skills and techniques necessary for effective conflict resolution and strategies for turning destructive conflicts into constructive dialogues.

Anger Control skills

Aims: this course will offer professionals skills to support angry individuals to change their thoughts, feelings and behaviour around anger offering techniques to safely diffuse and divert aggression.

Outcomes: participants will be able to identify beliefs and triggers to anger, exploring the consequences of it. Be able to encourage individuals to engage in relapse prevention and planning programme, using a cognitive Behavioural and Rebt approach to solutions.

Women experiencing Domestic Violence

Aims: to help staff recognize the range of abuse perpetrated against women and the impact it has on their lives and to consider additional issues for Black women.

Outcomes: participants will understand the issues facing women and the impact that domestic violence has on women in the context of oppression. You will develop knowledge around types of emotional, physical, psychological and racial abuse, developing awareness on pressures on women to stay in a violent relationship you will also develop understanding around the additional issues faced by marginalized groups.

Children witnessing/experiencing domestic violence

Aims: to explore issues of child abuse and the impact of children witnessing violence to a carer. To understand how abusive men use children to control women and the impact it has on them.

Outcomes: participants will be able to identify dimensions of physical, sexual and emotional abuse and the coping responses of the child to it. You will gain awareness of the influences that witnessing domestic violence has on children, developing knowledge of the key principles and individual work needed to be undertaken with children.

Coping With Loss and Separation

Aims: to help staff increase their awareness of the effects that loss and separation has on individuals lives, their functioning and relationships and how best to respond to it.

Outcomes: will develop understanding around the stages of grief and the process of loss and separation. Learn how to recognize signs of grieving, developing creative methods in enabling individuals to come to terms with the reality of their loss.

Other Behavioral management skills training

  • Stress and Anxiety management
  • Self Esteem and confidence building
  • Assertiveness
  • Conflict and mediation skills

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