Play Therapy

Therapeutic Play Skills:

Helps children and young people to safely express themselves through the use of play, art, symbols, clay, sandtray work, therapeutic story work, puppetry and music. The focus of the work is non verbal communication being less threatening to traumatized children. Therapeutic play improves the emotional well being of the child. It can be used to address, modify and transform problematic behaviour.

Therapeutic Play:

The main objective of Therapeutic Play is to facilitate and maintain the emotional and mental well being of the child. This is accomplished through the use of selected creative media, and the engagement of play.

How does Therapeutic play work?

Therapeutic play is interactive and at itís best non directive. Children at play communicate many things, developing themes, surfacing traumaís, demonstrating self control, initiating boundaries and rules, finding personal responses and meanings to good and bad experiences and are able to model behaviors that best suit themselves.

The child and the therapist build a safe, trusting and confidential relationship with the therapist providing creative strategies to help access, connect, and cope with trauma, eventually finding a resolve and a channel for releasing difficult emotions.

The play sessions last for 50 minutes with a variety of creative techniques being made available from a Creative Therapy Tool kit.

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